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Inner courtyard, majestic woods, walking paths, ponds, etc. For a day or for a weekend, enjoy a magical area full of history and culture, entirely dedicated to serenity and sharing.

This beautiful 17th century residence is located in the heart of the largest forest in Belgium, the Anlier forest, its 7,200 hectares and is located at the crossroads of the three Belgian, Luxembourg and French borders. The property, which extends into a green and wooded setting, offers several atmospheres for your events.


The Pont d’Oye estate began its life as the heart of the metallurgy industry in the Rulles valley, as the first forge was built in the lieu-dit of the same name at the turn of the 17th century. It changed hands between a number of owners until Jeanne Petit took over the estate and its forges and built the eponymous castle in 1644.


It was in this castle that the Marquise du Pont d'Oye organized sumptuous parties, which compared what was experienced here in Habay to Versailles. The castle was pillaged during the French Revolution. Its reconstruction will resume a few decades later.

Pierre Nothomb bought the estate in 1932 and gave it a cultural vocation, a place for artists to meet. His great-granddaughter, Amélie, admits that as a teenager, she fell in love with this old house and the surrounding forest. Indeed, how can you not fall under the spell of this castle with a name worthy of a fairy tale.


By the nature of its geographical location, the Pont d'Oye is a place of convergence in the heart of Europe, in the heart of the Greater Region, on the edge of the Latin and Germanic worlds. At ease with words and music, marked by poetry and theater, this house and its soul have long been synonymous with discoveries, surprises, tolerance and openness.

The current philosophy of the place is simple: preserve this magic, in its setting of forests and ponds, to allow future generations to continue to forge the links which will become the basis of tomorrow's societies.

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